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Micklefield Hall Wedding Photography

Steph and Liam's wedding at Micklefield Hall in Rickmansworth was truly a special and memorable day!

Step & Liam booked me as a result of soing their

Starting the day at Steph's family home with her bridesmaids was a joyful and exciting time, filled with anticipation for the ceremony ahead.

Steph's wedding dress was stunning adding to the beauty and elegance of the occasion. It's always wonderful when the bride's dress leaves a lasting impression.

Holding the wedding service outside at the rustic barn of Micklefield Hall created a charming and intimate atmosphere. Outdoor ceremonies can be truly magical, especially on a lovely summer's day. The rustic barn setting adds a touch of rustic charm and creates a picturesque backdrop for the vows.

With an amazing couple like Steph and Liam, it's was wonder the day was filled with love and joy. The beautiful weather and the stunning venue added to the overall ambiance, making it a memorable celebration for everyone involved.

The wedding speeches and first dance are often highlights of any wedding reception, the speeches were superb, filled with heartfelt words and touching moments. The first dance is a special moment for all newlyweds, symbolizing the start of their journey together as a married couple.

Steph and Liam's wedding was a truly remarkable and magical day. I'm sure they and their guests will cherish the memories created on this wonderful summer's day.

Micklefield Hall Wedding Photography

Micklefield Hall Wedding Photography

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