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A little bit about me!


The last photo of the day with Becky & her bridesmaids.

 Hi I'm Nick,  I have had the privilege of photographing over 500 weddings in a career spanning 20 years  with weddings here in the UK and Europe, with work published in The Guardian Weekend, Evening Standard and many many others.

The Things I adore!


My family

My wonderful children.

Those close friends that enhance our life's.

Travel, cultural with my favorite places being India, Thailand, Costa Rica & Argentina.

A passion for contemporary classical music.

The last night of the Proms.

Dusty our wonderful cat.

Bill Murray films and all those one liners.

Walking with friends and chatting, nothing better!

England Rugby team with all its up and downs.

My  inspiration is light, nature, colour and people.

I’m an avid people watcher, fascinated by social photography.

And the joy of weddings, no two weddings are the same,  they bring people together for a

wonderful celebration and its absolute privilege to be part of.

Almost all of my work comes through referrals, mainly from my previous couples which I feel is a wonderful reflection on my work. 



For links to my trusted partners, Wedding Suppliers.

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