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Hillfields Farm Wedding Photography

Will and Rosie had a truly wonderful summer wedding at Hillfield's Farm in Pangbourne, Berkshire! The day started off with Will and his groomsmen gathering at a local pub, enjoying some pre-wedding festivities. Afterwards they made their way on foot to St Mary's Church in Aldworth, Berkshire, where the ceremony took place.

Rosie, accompanied by her father, looked absolutely stunning as she arrived at the church, surrounded by her bridesmaids. The wedding had a global feel to it, with friends coming from all over the world to celebrate this special occasion.

The service at St Mary's Church was beautiful, and to add an extra touch of entertainment, one of the groomsmen serenaded the wedding guests with his singing being accompanied on organ by another groomsmen. It was a lovely and heartfelt moment for everyone in attendance.

Following the ceremony the couple made their way to the wedding reception which took place at Hillfield's Farm, and it was a stunning occasion. The gorgeous weather added to the atmosphere, with the sun shining brightly on this special day. Guests likely enjoyed the festivities, celebrating the union of Will and Rosie.

Will & Rosie only wanted a couple of photographs of them together as my brief, documentary style wedding photography please?

The wedding evening was described as "full-on," and lively and a vibrant celebration. It's safe to assume that there was plenty of dancing, music, and joy as everyone came together to mark this memorable occasion that went on way after I left.

Overall, Will and Rosie's summer wedding was an incredible and unforgettable day, filled with love, happiness, and the presence of friends and family from all around the world.

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