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Brighton Wedding Photography

Katie and Tam had a beautiful wedding celebration on the seafront at Brighton!

The wedding day began with all the guests gathering at Tam's place. From there, they embarked on a Route Master bus, which took them to the Lewes Registry Office located on Southover High Street in Brighton. The registry office is a popular venue for wedding ceremonies.

After the wedding service, Katie & Tam made a stop at the famous bandstand on the seafront. We took advantage of the picturesque location and the windy weather to capture some stunning portrait photos.

Following the photo session, the wedding party made their way to Rockwater, a stunning venue located on Western Esplanade in Hove. Rockwater is known for its beautiful views and is a popular spot for wedding receptions. It was at this location that Katie and Tam had their amazing wedding reception.

During the evening festivities, a magician was present to entertain the guests. This added a touch of magic and excitement to the celebration, creating memorable moments for everyone as well as fire eaters which performed outside the venue for all to.

To top off the night, Katie and Tam had an imprompture first dance as the ukulele band performed. This special moment marked the beginning of their journey as a married couple and left a lasting impression on everyone who attended their wedding.

Katie and Tam's wedding was filled with joy and laughter, beautiful locations, and unforgettable moments.

Brighton Wedding Photography

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