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How to incorporate charity into your stag or hen do.

How to incorporate charity into your stag or hen do!

How to incorporate charity into your stag or hen do.

There are plenty of pre-wedding celebrations that take place in the lead up to your big day. Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated are the stag and hen parties, that tend to consist of a whole lot of untamed, frivolous fun. Despite the carefree nature of these two celebrations, they do pose a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness for serious causes and give to those less fortunate.

So, what makes your stag or hen do the perfect event to raise money for charity? Let’s take a look at how charitable causes can be seamlessly incorporated into this exciting celebration.

Do a sponsored activity

When it comes to their last night of freedom, most stags and hens want to do something a little wild anyway – so why not make it a sponsored event, and raise a little cash for a good cause?

Whether you’re planning an adrenaline-filled afternoon of skydiving and go-carting, or perhaps a more laid back (but plenty humorous) bar crawl in fancy dress, this is the perfect opportunity to ask your friends and family to sponsor your activity. You’re likely to find that it only adds to the fun, and maybe even pushes you to try something that you never thought you would, all in the name of charity.

Make it a fundraiser

Everybody loves a fundraiser, and the beauty of hosting one for your stag or hen do is that you can make it as lowkey or as OTT as you wish.                                                                        

You’ll want to make sure you plan lots of entertainment for your guests, such as games and live music. You could also create a quiz, with questions related to your relationship and upcoming wedding. Other ideas include hosting a raffle or an auction – auctioning off members of your wedding party is a great way to get a few laughs and raise plenty of money for your chosen charity.

Volunteer for a good cause

It’s true that volunteering can be hard work, but it’s also a great opportunity to come together with your friends, try something new, and make a meaningful difference.

There are all sorts of volunteering activities you and your group can choose from, and plenty that will even allow you to explore new places. Perhaps you want to head to the coast to a marine animal sanctuary, or spend the day out in the countryside planting trees. Depending on your goal, you may even decide to jet off overseas to provide support to communities in need.

In fact, there are so many opportunities to volunteer, that you may want to begin by thinking about an activity you’d love to try, or a place you’d love to see. By doing a little research, you’re likely to come across some great nonprofits in some stunning locations that could use your help – and may even be looking for a group to take on a task that would make a great stag or hen do activity.

Why make your stag or hen a charity event?

Ultimately, your wedding – and the many celebrations leading up to it – are all about you, your partner, and the love that you have for one another. So, it goes without saying that there’s plenty of opportunity to celebrate your relationship. It’s for this reason that many engaged couples choose to incorporate charity into just one of these special events – in fact, many are relieved to find that they can step out of the spotlight for a moment, and focus on others.

By incorporating charity into your stag or hen do, you can create a fun day or night out with purpose. Not only will you leave the party having had fun with your closest friends, you’ll also know that you’ve made a real, positive impact on the lives of many.

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