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Worton Hall Wedding, Oxfordshire

Worton Hall Wedding, Oxfordshire Ife & Ryan got married!

Worton Hall Wedding, Oxfordshire

Worton Hall Wedding, Oxfordshire

Wishing them a lifetime of love, happiness, and beautiful moments together.

Ife and Ryan had a truly beautiful and memorable wedding day!

St. John the Evangelist and Worton Hall at Worton Park in Cassington, Oxford, both wonderful venues for the ceremony and the reception. The ceremony was filled with love and joy, and the reception was a fantastic celebration with family and friends.

They brought a touch of Africa to the charming setting in the heart of Oxfordshire, creating a unique and culturally rich atmosphere for the wedding day. It added such a special and distinct flair to the wedding reception celebration, incorporating cultural elements from Nigeria to create a rich tapestry full of joy. Tradition attire, music, dance and cuisine made the wedding stunning.

I wish Ife and Ryan a lifetime of happiness and love in their journey together as a married couple!

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