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The Swan Streatley Wedding

Katie and Stuart's wedding at The Swan @ Streatley in High Street, Streatley on Thames was a truly special occasion. The couple chose this exquisite venue in Oxfordshire to celebrate their love on a stunning autumn day.

The main focus of the wedding was to spend quality time socializing with their guests, and this was the brief they gave to the me. While the emphasis was on candid and informal shots capturing the joyful atmosphere, there were also a few formal photos included to commemorate the occasion.

They close to walk in together for their marriage ceremony and Katie look amazing in her wedding dress.

Amidst the festivities, they both managed to carve out a little time for some relaxed and beautiful portraits. These portraits showcased their love and happiness, allowing them to have cherished mementos of their special day.

The speeches during the reception were truly wonderful. Heartfelt, humorous undoubtedly added to the joy and emotional atmosphere of their celebration.

Overall, Katie and Stuart's wedding at The Swan @ Streatley was a memorable and enchanting event. From the warm socializing to the stunning portraits and heartfelt speeches, it was a day filled with love, happiness, and lasting memories.

The Swan Streatley Wedding

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