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Tipi Wedding

Gabrielle and Huw's winter Tipi wedding turned out to be a resounding success! Despite the ambitious choice of an outdoor wedding in the colder months, the couple managed to create a magical atmosphere that embraced the winter theme.

The wedding service took place at Berkhamsted Town Hall, a grand hall that added an elegant touch to the occasion while also blending well with the local surroundings. The couple exchanged their vows in front of their family and friends, creating a heartfelt and intimate ceremony.

Gabrielle looked stunning in her detailed wedding dress, which added a touch of glamour and sophistication to the winter setting. Her bridesmaids also looked beautiful in their designed style dresses that complemented the season and enhanced the overall aesthetic.

After the wedding service, the couple and their guests made their way back to the family home for the wedding reception. Here, they had set up an enchanting tipi in the garden, creating a cozy and intimate space for everyone to celebrate. The tipi was

adorned with winter-inspired decorations, such as twinkling lights, faux-fur throws, and rustic elements, adding to the ambiance.

The reception was nothing short of amazing, with heartfelt speeches that brought tears to many eyes and showcased the love and support surrounding Gabrielle and Huw. The first dance was a magical moment, with the couple dancing under the stars and surrounded by the warmth and love of their friends and family.

Overall, Gabrielle and Huw's winter Tipi wedding was a remarkable and unforgettable event. Despite the challenges of the season, they managed to create a unique and beautiful celebration that perfectly captured their love and shared happiness with their loved ones.

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