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Wedding at Bix Manor

Wedding at Bix Manor.

Congratulations to Helen and Richard on their wedding at Bix Manor, Oxfordshire!

It was a truly magical day. An outdoor ceremony at Bix Manor was beautiful, with nature providing a stunning backdrop for their special moment.

Brilliant speeches are always a highlight at weddings, as loved ones share heartfelt messages and anecdotes. It's wonderful to see friends and family coming together to celebrate the couple's love and create lasting memories.

And of course, a full-on first dance adds an extra element of joy and excitement to the celebration. It's a chance for the newlyweds to showcase their love and dance skills while creating a magical moment for everyone in attendance.

Helen and Richard's wedding at Bix Manor will be cherished in their hearts and the memories of their guests for years to come. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and joy.

Wedding at Bix Manor

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